Spiritual Teachings

"Seeing through the veil of apparent separation is key to freedom from suffering, to liberation."



Spiritual Teachings With Dennis Watts

Why Create This Page?

Why am I creating this page? I guess the short answer is that for some time now, I have had an overwhelming impulse to express what has been going on inside me spiritually and share it with anyone who might be interested. The long answer is what will hopefully transpire on this page in the weeks, months, or years that I feel compelled to do this. And if what I write is helpful to someone, great. If not, that's ok too. The goal is not to become some great spiritual teacher or guru, but to simply share the truth that has been realized in me. And this truth has nothing whatsoever to do with "belief". I am not interested in sharing what I "believe" to be true. I do have certain beliefs, but that is not the purpose of this page. On this page, I am committed to sharing only what I "know" to be true from direct experience.

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